A Great Tile Ad Has Immense Value

A Great Tile Ad has Immense Value
Exposure of your company’s web site is crucial to growing a business effectively. There are many avenues to explore, and I have discussed many of them right here on Foundright.com. But one inexpensive avenue I have sold clients on is to start advertising using a tile ad on sites that prospects go to as they surf the internet. This gives your site great new exposure for your company to sell your products. These ads are easy on your budget and can generate immediate results if done right. Some who have taken to this philosophy say they have seen a change in people knowing their company is about and increased their online sales. These new unique hits generated by a tile ad on good daily sites like whitecounynews.net Access North Georgia, or other local news sites within your market can help your product be found right by prospective buyers. And, when Sales are up everyone is happy. tile-ad sizes
A good tile ad graphic can also make brand recognition better and enhance your company’s appeal tremendously. Many of them can be remembered like when someone thinks of flowers they may think of FTD florist, an ad we see on the weather page of the local online newspaper. Or a good tile ad for a local Insurance agent will remind people they may need to prepare when the ad is seen on the obituary page. These small tile ads can be a good way to better sell your product if you do it in a way that catches the viewer’s attention.
These inexpensive online, non-search engine ads can be as small as 125 px by 125 px or a 300×250 as you see above plus other sizes as you see here very large. These popular advertisements are relatively easy on your budget and can be effective under the right circumstances. You can get 12,500 impressions for $125 which is a steal for advertising.
The online tile ad is the equivalent of a 30 second TV Spot, but with a more captive audience because they can look at a page for up to 3 minutes on average. This is a great shot at getting the internet surfers attention and your message across quickly. Make sure your ad has an attention-grabbing graphic with a great call to action.
Getting one’s attention is not easy but it can be done so what do you want to tell them with your ad? If you have a catch phrase like 3M innovation at work, The Yellow Pages “Let your fingers do the walking” Or E-bay Buy it, Sell it, Love it. This will help grab the surfer. A nice grips image will also make it zing. The Nike swish, The M for McDonalds, or The racing wings for Jacky Jones Automotive group are some great ones people remember.
The call to action is the key to “save now on”, Start today, Last chance and Don’t miss out. Call to action is what can make your click through rate. This well help you increase your rate and like the designs above.
Trying a Tile is a worthwhile investment. Your company has a message, make sure it is seen on the internet. You know people today are glued to their electronics. So get started to day with a great tile and increase your brand name where you live.

The Value of An Impression

The Value of  an Impression.

Internet advertising is a buzz saw of different ways to sell things. People talk about clicks hits and impressions as though they can make or break you business. Can they?? No but they can grow your business. Customers of mine and I discuss clicks, hits and impressions. I seem to have to discuss Impressions the most.

So what is the value of an impression? I will give you my take on it as well of stuff I have read. The first thing is everyone has images in their mind that cannot seem to forget. If it is a good ad like the Coppertone/Jodi Foster when I put on sun tan lotion on my off white body I think of the ad. When I get a burger at Wendy’s I think of the where’s the beef lady. And now my mind when I see a mouse or gerbil I think of driving a Kia soul. I am sure there are some that cannot escape you as well. The swish of Nike, The Ford Blue oval, the Marlboro man is part of my images as well. They never leave me.  So if a company can make a hit like these they will have ever lasting brand loyalty. If your ad has a good rememberable graphic and it seen on a site like yahoo.com, weather.com or whitecounty.com but if does not have to many clicks on it does it have value. I know it does but some like to argue the value of it. So let’s discuss.

An impression is subjective, it is a human experience. So each human is different yet still has an effect from seeing a picture/ (Ad) on-line. So what is Value per impression (VPI) to us the viewer. It is what can make your online presence grow. Make a good ad with something catchy and people will remember it. People who see an ad,  studies show 16 percent people remember an ad from a page and search for it later if it is effective ad that is even higher. With one of our campaigns I used a phrase that was nowhere else on the product but just on the online ad. Ended up getting a search for that phrase later and people came back to site searching that phrase. Out of 125,000 impressions we received 1800 searches for that new phrase that marketed that company name. The only place that phrase was on our online ads. We received just 2000 clicks on the same ad as well. So as you can see there is value in an impression if people search for it later. So you can see people do remember what they see and there is value of an impression.

So what is “The Value of An Impression” to you? Have you ever thought it through. You need to with your logo or ad.

Do you have an effective ad? Do you want to get in the online ad world or do it better? Let me know or discuss below.

Here is my good friend Brad Bacon, a fellow geek’s,  value of an impression.

Having a website

Having started some new awesome website projects lately, I have been made aware of some business that are successful but do not have a good website or no website at all.

One prospect told me I am on Facebook and that is all I need. Maybe they are happy but a website is the heartbeat of your marketing campaign. It is where you have more than just a phone number it is where you tell a story through pictures and words. People are searching and you need to be found right.

Some Quick Reasons for a having a website:

1. 80 percent of all people look at the web before making a purchase. They are searching for what you have to offer.

2. It gives you a presence and says who you are. Don’t you want to be known as credible?

3. You know your competitors are there. Beat them at their own game.

4. A website is always open. When you are closed they can still see what you have to offer.

5. It is inexpensive. It cost 140.00 a year or less.

6. Change your marketing material and price immediately. No need to wait to mail it.

7. You will get references from happy customers. Word of mouth starts it then your web presence finishes it. You know you need one for this fact alone.

8. Your storefront can be your basement.

Let our team here at Whitecounty.com help your business today get started
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Found Right Computer Services

Foundright.com has been doing computer services all along since 2003. We have just started marketing it to new customers again. We have over 14 years experience. We have the expertise to help solve all your computer needs big or small. Our computer services are ready for you to use. Just contact us and we will be glad to help solve all your computer needs.

We deliver personal attention you deserve.

Foundright.com is thankful for our customers. We have had many compliments from our customers. We personally show them how to use Google Adwords, Anayltics or other web software. We have even removed viruses and malware to help them use their computer better. Just email us and we be glad to help you compute and learn at a very low price.

Pay per click/ PPC we know how to do it right.

Foundright.com has just added another Google adword account customer. We have helped them find the forgotten words that lead to conversions with the lowest cost.

Conversions are what you are looking for with any search along with a highest click through rate.

Pay per click should focus on what you cannot seem to generate at the moment in organic searches and what your company is trying to sell. Gives us an hour and we will be glad to help you succeed and be found right in the lost world of Google adwords and PPC


Hit the right keyword spot

“Hit the right spot” is a phrase Foundright.com uses when talking about a search details page. Your main search  ie.. right spot  should be easy to find.  As you can see by the heat map above this is where internet users click to get to what they want after there desired search. People do not go to the second page to much . In fact the average CTR(Click through rate) on Page 2 was 1.5 percent.  The top search link gets over 35 percent of the hits as you can see in the above picture. We strive to get you there here at Foundright.com. Do you know where you are and where you want to be. Let us help you get there.



Don’t forget your local search citations

Your local search citations are very important for growth. Foundright.com has a very effective procedure in place to help you business be found in all local search citations.

Being in all local search citations is essential for the company to have so one will be able to find you regardless of where they look on the web for your product or service. You never know what directory a customer uses to search for a product or service so get your local search citations right with foundright.com

On-Page SEO will grow your site

If you are trying to grow the number of your hits. Check your On-Page SEO to see if it is missing these few factors.  One,  use all three Heading tags on your pages, using bold or italics properly on your keyword  in your SEO optimization. On-Page SEO means more now than ever since the new Google update: Panda. No longer are backlinks and simply pinging or sending out a RSS feed the key to getting Google PageRank or Alexa Rankings, You now NEED good On-Page SEO .

Your keyword must appear in the title. Then it must appear in the On-Page SEO URL.  Your Keyword should appear in your first paragraph and in the last sentence of the page. You should have relevant usage of Bold and italics of your keyword. There should be one internal link to a page on your blog and you should have one image with an alt tag that has your keyword in it. So let found right help you with your on “On-Page SEO”.


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Always make your website the best it can be.

Don’t lose sight of how your site architecture and website navigation affects SEO
“Remember your users but do forget the SEO”

Site Architecture, defind, is how each page of your website is linked to the other pages. It’s the way consumers and Google, Bing and Yahoo navigate your website, and it’s equally important to both of them.
You want both people and search engines to be able to easily find what they’re looking for hence Found Right.

Therefore , the way you develop the navigation of your web site can have a great effect on which pages and which phrases of keywords will rank in the search engines.
As foundright.com knows pages that have many other pages linking to them will have higher internal link popularity than those with fewer links pointing to them.
And this is a major determiner as to whether or not they’ll be deemed “worthy” by search engines. In other words, pages that are easy to find and have lots of links within your site will have a better chance of ranking for more competitive keyword phrases than those pages that are not prominently featured.
This is why a sites top pages are the best for optimization. They have all sorts of internal link finds going making them easy to find.

The home page usually has the most link popularity of all pages, you must optimize it for the most general and competitive phrases or you will not be found right.

Remember to optimize your products or services pages for fairly competitive keyword terms relating to the category itself. Hence like major phrases such as health, food, computer, car, clothing. jewerly and so on.
What is next in importance are the product or service pages themselves. They must be optimized for the names of the products or service so they can be found right.
Make sure the product name is there at least 3 times but do not over do it.
Do no forget your informational content such as your blog posts like this one we are writing, articles, videos, podcasts, and the like.
These are often the basis for your marketing campaigns where content is at premium. This important content helps to show your company’s credibility within your industry.

So use us here at Foundright.com because we will be very careful when we develop or redevelop your website to do these things for you.
We think long and hard about what main categories of products or services your company offers, and we integrate them into your site map in a well thought out, search engine-productive tested procedure that will help you be found right on the internet.