Mobile Browser effect on your site

It is a recommended idea to check how your site shows up in mobile browsers. If it’s hard to read or somehow doesn’t show up as expected, then that should be fixed. Nobody (including Google) would want to show a site that provides a terrible user experience to their visitors and it will effect you found rate moving forward.

As you can see by the graphic the mobile effect is on it’s way. Let help you capitalize on this expected growth. Don’t be behind and let your competition look better than you.

Don’t be sad be happy


What you get as a customer

We at try hard to help a customer see the web as a long term sales tool for your company. We are proud that we have customers that will meet with us after business hours to accomplish new goals quickly. Let us help plan an attack of the web to get your company where it needs to be on the web. You have found the right people to help you be successful.


Facebook Help

We are now helping clients with content on their Facebook page. Our engaging content  has prospects coming back for more hits on their facebook page and this increased traffic has driven more sales and exposure to our happy clients sites.

Look for our new Facebook page coming soon and it will explain it all to you.  And remember somebody is always doing a better job with exposure and we aim to be that company for you. Facebook Help is what we know.


CTR Google Adwords has done a great job of turning your CTR rate to a better percentage than other providers. Let us help you with your Google Adwords account. Call us for a free consultation today at 770-377-2975. You will be very glad you did.


Social Media Exposure

Don’t forget to use Facebook and twitter. People say they tune Facebook out But, when somebody is looking for your product and you are not out there where they are thinking about your product while on Facebook or twitter they may go somewhere else Especially if your product could be a impulse buy or service. I know I picked my florist because of Facebook post by them I liked. So let us manage your post there for a small fee.


Blueprints and Ideas

We at are thankful for people using our blueprints and ideas.
Just remember if someone else thought of it. Please give credit to the idea maker.
We are also thankful for two customer who have come back in the fold from learning just such as lesson.

Do you use content marketing to drive business on your site

Good content marketing is needed on your site to help get prospects engaged so they can become your customers.
Foundrights’ content marketing provides the right information and entertainment value that can entice a prospect to call or send an email.
You will be surprised by the increased leads you will get with the right content marketing,
because the right catch phrase picture or video does wonders for sales.
Let’s us know if we can help you with this moving forward on your site.

2012 Very Successful, 2013 Even Brighter is very thankful for our best year ever. We also are excited for the calls that have came for our services in 2013. We look forward to a prosperous 2013 for our current clients and our potential clients.

Mobile site search can help you with your mobile site search. We know mobile Google enjoys a roughly 95 percent share in the US market in mobile search and we have proven resources in mobile search techniques. Go to our contact us page and tell us how we can help you increase your mobile web presence.

Moving Forward

Thank you for all the questions on marketing and SEO. We appreciate questions and consider it a honor to have dialog with potential clients. Please know after we have answered a few it moves us to where we hope to have a marketing contract with you as a clients. We have a base fee of 129.00 a month for consulting and that include 2 hours of on site help or via